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Wow, what a night. ~.~

Tonight was a really bad night.

FIRST, I didn't get Rising Star. I wouldn't have minded if some one else got it, some one who worked as hard as me, but some visual band got it. Now I'm not saying visual bands are bad or anything, but every single I've ever put out debuted in the Oricon Top 10. I had a new album and it was high on the charts for weeks. Not only that, my song has been used in video games and on TV, and not only to I exercize my voice, I am also a dancer. I am also achieving a 4.0 grade average. Furthermore, I am a face that Japan recognizes, much more than some zombie band. I'm not saying they're bad, but I really deserved that award and I was heartbroken that I didn't get it.

SECOND, I dealt with it really bad and ran to the bathroom to cry. I really wish I hadn't. I just work really hard and I feel like nobody even notices I exist in the community. I even showed lots of cleavage in my campaign pictures and it didn't work. I don't get it. ~.~

THIRD, I met Uruhasan who was very nice to me and got me my make up and said he would be my date. Except when I came back Takanori-senpai pitched a fit, and when we were swapping keitai #s he GRABBED ME, THREW ME OVER HIS SHOULDER and DRAGGED ME INTO THE CAR and when I wouldn't stop YELLING he left me on a STREET CORNER.

Well, senpai, it'll interest you to know that Uruhasan is my date for tomorrow night, whether you approve of it or not. I used to think you were protective because you cared about my safety, but if that was it, why would you leave me in the middle of nowhere at 11:30 at night???


You made it perfectly clear that you're capable of handling yourself and taking care of yourself. Why should I worry where you are at 11:30 at night? I don't, and I won't.
Well for one thing I wouldn't have been there if you hadn't dragged KICKING AND SCREAMING from the event. Obviously I did get home and I was fine but you put me there and that makes me responsible.

You SCARED me, okay???</font>

March 2008

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